Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

NIGHT Monologue FOR Ananda Sukarlan

night, whether it's still tinkling piano? dancing fingers tracing a history of longing, love that very closely, what was addressed, you

night, whether the hand was still dancing to the beat of a rhythmic way, like a drizzle, to make you sad

night, where they will quickly dream dreams full of rhythm, fragrant and fragrant hue longing, in space empty space

night, the memories always come suddenly, like dejavu you bring me word called poetry

night, I greet you like the dew that slowly transformed the quiet, so clear, in the flower bud

tonight, let you stay silent, at the top still, quiet poetry of the most poetic, quiet songs that most songs, music dwells most music

night, like the shadow of death, so longing for tears? Rub of the very beautiful eyes

night, I heard the rustling of paper, the soft voice, so softly tinkling piano, chiming guitars so raucous, percussion that sliced heart. may be worried? 

night, dark and black metaphors, little light and there, lying in a dream

night, where do you store all the recalls? in doubt, or song in the hunt missed wednesday? your love is sweet

night, what memories color? a dark black, or blue sky. whether it was missed?

night, love passing on the timeline, as there is a wait. maybe you, sing in the quiet time

Malang, 19 November 2010

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