Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Life which we are grateful

; kh

life in which we live, we are thankful for life
with laughter or tears
immerse themselves in the infinite love love

that we give life meaning, life that we are thankful for
with exuberant laughter or tears
sow love into the chest of light

life in which we live, we are thankful for life
with like or injury

only, for the love of god 


and soul which are volatile memories that boil
until cooked on the stove poetry

your soul

until the time the train heaved a dream to any infinite


LOVE IS painful!

I have the years of age undergo pangs of remembering and forgettinglosing and finding love

at the wall clockthe beating heart of heartsshow a transient timetemporary living

in the presence of sharp swords and pointed your love I surrender

stabbed me to the sink to break secret love for me is only a matter of time gazing at your face

I may be slowly killing themselves. slowly right up to you. Love is pain!

in the end I will dieand all the beats will stop.

like fog

like mist, secret by secret, covering the eyes, who want to hit the air signal pierced the bone marrow. o adventurous

the hours tick needle puncture to the chest right time. I did not stop stumbling tick. to the top. to the top. ah, weary

My sentence was so harsh. voices call bustled. This disorder inconsistent. stir obscure my view.

buzzing sound. murmur. microphone is broken. nasal spiker. druggist and chairs in the back doorstubborn drunk dancing on the table.

like fog. harass my opinion. Thick padding in the course of time. o you wash with light. light penetrating the frozen



in the empty sky.

Ampera Bridge lights in the distance
across the shadow

in the quiet flowing musi

crossing the Night

on the dusty books, you want to freeze time. because the sliver of memory, the second is to continue publishing. like poetry, keep track

so lyrical, so gentle, whispering wind in the dream. similar light, say hello to sadness, dribbles at the top awful. hours shivering in the clink

night getting thicker. love makes it increasingly foolish. and love the wild. ah, memories stunnedincreasingly do not you know

I am the Water

I am the water that flows from upstream to downstream. Could Cry? Bring scraps of human wasteinto the mouth of the wound, to the ocean groan all difficult to draw any

I am the water, mine water, run down from the sky and memories. You remember the tears. Inmemory of love. Garden of Light

I am the water on which the rover boats, from small rush of the rivers cut through your city appearswith a message bringing the message of the mountain to the ocean water to the ocean waves

I am the quintessence of the nature of the mountains to bring water, dissolve the salt of life. For you. For you. I love presenting

I am the water. I am running water in your body. Flowing from the eyes

As the love flowing. As the love flows to the mouth of his love. I am the water. Cry!

I was greeted bird of every morning

My wings are too cute to pack away into the sky secret. strange silence. countless lonelier

I sing too harsh too nasal tell that crumb love at the hands of people who mutually suspicious. I knocked secret

small beak knocked me your empty walls. secret desires. fate line. Love is immortal, I spellrepeatedly

I descend from branch to branch, autumn leaves translate, translate writhing maggots in my beak, translate dew-kissed by the sun in the morning

you hear the chirping my poetry, in the yard, the tree withered by the drought, my sweet chirpingsounds, is crying

My wings are tired I ask itself the storm hit, the earth suffers, the world that made ​​me helplessdrunk

love you

: Kunthi Hastorini

I give meaning to life,

with a sincere heart of love,

unending gratitude expressions

I give meaning to life,

full-service, age by age may not wasted,

love for God

because love

is a life of worship,

thankful for a gift

In love, we pray