Rabu, 13 Juli 2011


I drink from the smart machines. they ask for money. I am thirsty. I need a drink. potablewater faucet. but I was cold. I want to drink coffee. I asked for a drink to the machine. Iask for a deposit machines. I give them money. I was given hot coffee. in cans.

Kumamoto Museum

let's read the past. here. those who read past the others. may be himself. in the past,your life.

Honshu-Kyushu Strait

Cross the bridge to the north. Looking strait of Honshu-Kyushu. The blue Pacific Ocean. North. South. North. South. Prosperity everywhere. Developing tax-roads. Lease planting trees. Lease the bridge table. National flags waved and the law. Country into a savings account of the Delinquent taxes. I take care of its citizens religious country. Right to charge the country. Citizens give money. Citizens to claim his rights. Country to its obligations. From south to north. From Kyushu to Honshu. I crave my country.

Akiyoshi Cave

Entering your paths. Cold attack. Of water millions of years to carve the stones. I read an underground river. I read somewhere from which the air. I read the graffiti wall without hands. I read the ladders to climb down. Time, settle on the bottom. I keep track lane, in the state of haiku.

Yamaguchi Karato

I do not find a fly in here. Place fish are sold. Dimsum wrapping fish. A little tang. Market began to quiet. On the afternoon. Seagulls screamed in the distance. Flying over the sea, straits Honshu-Kyushu.

Taipe Airport

Waiting. Waiting. Trying to spell the world. I read the letters. difficult to spell words. How much of a world? How much for human honor

Fukuoka - Kumamoto

Wind of north. Wind of north. Chill state of mind.

Peace Temple Kumamoto

Clap twice. Hand touching the top of the temple. In your imagination.


Wind of north. Wind of north. Trembling leaf leaves fall. Demolition bike. Flying right memory.When knowledge spread in the cells of the sun.


villages grew at the foot of the mountains. curvaceous roads. finished dry paddy harvest.colorful leaves in the jungle forest. billow smoke house. white white. in the distance.

Kumamoto, Miyazaki

Pinus. Fir. Reserved forests. Along the path. Penetrate. Mountains. Border of dream and reality. Hope and remembrance. Long tunnel. In the end I found the light.

hater and the envious

I tell you love, but you refused. harden your heart because it really rocks. the stupid fool!

down in the burn you. the hell are you copyright itself. burn the day you're having with hate. with envy.

The City of Hang Nadim

visiting your city, the land of red soil in the distance, the hill appeared the house, Iexplore the city try

in your city, the morning was very quiet. Morning waiting for the sun. that pops up in the morning light. east of the sun. sun

rain in your city this stride, the rains shy, dripping on the zinc, on the critical tik tik tik

rain slowed, the rain that always invite said to come, say hello to the poem which is stillempty

rainfall conjure you, the silent rain check says quietly, from the memories is neverfinished, and brought

Hang Nadim, you say. I was not shaking hands. but my comments hi to you.

This stride I want to write love poems

This stride I want to write poems of love, which did not have time during last night's written

I want to write poems of love, words that rhyme and have a metaphor, so that you feel such sneaked said

This stride I want to write poems of love, full of prayer, so with tears surging, back to the owners truly love

With Hasan Aspahani the Poet

the coffee cup, the cup of tea, warm feeling, considering the age of discussion, a poem that never forgets

light winds greeted the early morning light, as I found the poem is flashing in the distance, across the ships which we dream

from the port to other ports, our dreams right opposite the ships and the waves and smell the salty breeze, life

Most Confidential

I am tears in secret wave. every tear gaping guess, what the signal is love

I want to continue to be the beloved, who never doubt your love, even tell you the wavecuts and tears

everlastingly puzzle can not guess, you are so strong with the scenes secret, supersecret o!

Waiting Morning Day

addressing the dew, waiting for the sun, turn on wet leaves

tell, there is still love this morning, the universe is hurt, give me a smile

the purity of air, the purity of love, sincere soul, the soul radiates the spirit of marching,reached the horizon

morning is the hope, that recites prayers, a day full of shimmer, the world is not finishedplease

A Poem A Fatigue

a star far, like a sealed light flicker in the eyes, the distance, the distance

a poem that tired, you do not want closed, at night the cartilage, so dark virgin

sped is what dreams are forced to move, fly to the sky dark, until you come to a quietstar, dreaming alone

my dreams have frozen, melt, melting, freezing repeatedly, as the poem is alwaysrecycled, eternal nothing

good night, said the night star, the long, lonely not to hear. nights are increasingly isolated, from the dream

good night, said the night wind, which did not stop shivering state poem

I do not want to fall asleep, said the wind of the night, a dream to develop me into having a nightmare, like a bedtime tale

good night poems, according to said dispersed night. but the poems do not want to shut

at night the cartilage, so dark virgin

Dove Tale

some want to draw a pair of doves, the picture book, and the hearts of the same shape

could he recall is faithful, love without prejudices, without the temptation of love

but he keeps inginnya quietly, in prayer, the dripping tears, to express jealousy

There are drawing a pair of doves, in a full day yet, no matter the time of pirates, maybeyou, the hoped-for

a pair of doves flying from the picture book, you lukisi tears, that afternoon. hack secret