Senin, 16 Januari 2012

I am the Water

I am the water that flows from upstream to downstream. Could Cry? Bring scraps of human wasteinto the mouth of the wound, to the ocean groan all difficult to draw any

I am the water, mine water, run down from the sky and memories. You remember the tears. Inmemory of love. Garden of Light

I am the water on which the rover boats, from small rush of the rivers cut through your city appearswith a message bringing the message of the mountain to the ocean water to the ocean waves

I am the quintessence of the nature of the mountains to bring water, dissolve the salt of life. For you. For you. I love presenting

I am the water. I am running water in your body. Flowing from the eyes

As the love flowing. As the love flows to the mouth of his love. I am the water. Cry!

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