Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Night keep tears

night to keep tearsand condense on the eyelidseyeslike poetry, which received groan,without grumbling.

have stressed the dark night, we draw them with lights, lights Flashing lightsglowing in the distance

hug me, prior to the time elapsed frozen, before off all yearnhug me!

we reap the memory of memorya ravel, a kind of sense of happiness that is rotated backkeepin mind that smile

a voice echoed from the pasttinkling piano, guitar strings vibratethe poem that stores painfulhistory of tears

repeat repeat some word, spell the tearsbecause only the left, given the impression lessened

what is depictedmay be uneasy time, tap the clock in our hearts, calling you

we spell the signal mark, impression on my poems, dreams in poetryface my face reflectedthere gave us

on the air chill spell signals the universe, invent and be gone, there is only one

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