Senin, 11 Juli 2011

burning desires, your soul be quiet

ah, life is empty, drift in the sky dream, dream burning, lonely soul

broken wings, wings flapping tired in which direction if!

is this last evening? adventurers do not wish to immediately return home. before arrivingin tears!

the adventurers looked at the clouds in the clouds danced in fierce waves. crying: wheremy death! where my love!

they have learned to shoot the sun. the teriknya so presumptuous. they hunt for their ownfate.

they said: can you distinguish the sea or the sky? because the blue whale catch meflying. because the blue bird swim

ah, you do not know the direction, hunt valley, carrying a spear arrow said, journeyingfrom dream to dream, of illusion to the allusion

You know, just silence and loneliness that can be reached! like the ravings do not run out, the hubbub that is not finished. Low. only. lonely

Low to drought. Rainy silence. Low is seasonal. Low creeping itching all over his body.always want to scratch the site.

Low was raging: to denounce a curse!

ah, life is empty, drift in the sky dream, dream burning, lonely soul

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