Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Tales of the poet

; Arthur Rimbaud

telling you it is about the poet, who ran into the jungle to learn to write poetry

poet, still in his teens his age, the age of passion in words said

kilometers away she ran to penetrate the forest, only to want to write a word, passionatelove

He collects words from cuts, thorn thorns pierced his body, he kept running, penetratingfog in the morning and evening, the dark forest

one word two words three words a thousand words, one million were collected in the book on his head. said word wassail

you know, the poet is finally gone, the forest said said, as he said: The only game for children, teens

they no longer care about words. no matter his name revered revered, poet discovererssaid. he traveled, a slaver only

Never go to war, carry guns, carry bayonet stiletto. and death. so

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