Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

A Poem A Fatigue

a star far, like a sealed light flicker in the eyes, the distance, the distance

a poem that tired, you do not want closed, at night the cartilage, so dark virgin

sped is what dreams are forced to move, fly to the sky dark, until you come to a quietstar, dreaming alone

my dreams have frozen, melt, melting, freezing repeatedly, as the poem is alwaysrecycled, eternal nothing

good night, said the night star, the long, lonely not to hear. nights are increasingly isolated, from the dream

good night, said the night wind, which did not stop shivering state poem

I do not want to fall asleep, said the wind of the night, a dream to develop me into having a nightmare, like a bedtime tale

good night poems, according to said dispersed night. but the poems do not want to shut

at night the cartilage, so dark virgin

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