Senin, 11 Juli 2011

I am the light, in thy dream

I entered the foreign countries, where who knows, maybe in their head that holds tale,

we are the storyteller, who keeps the memory, regardless of how small events,

which will end the story invincible, invincible, to understand all, may thy dream appears

I want to spin a yarn for you, and mythical somehow, the myth that was never there, until you amazed

The searcher may be on you way to the horizon, has launched a hope to the stars away,

I like fiction that is always happy, may the flowers bloom, or the weather is always bright, cheerful, you say

here, I fiction concentrated right on the night, and a drop of stars, the light is a clear dark skya star in the sky,

black, light reaching the eyes, may miss the minimum requirement, from back when

from behind the time, the room time, as soon as the light propagates light, measure the furthest distance love,
different light, the light only in a spring, full of love

Let us interpret the signals, twinkling lights, stars in the distance: the flowers that bloom, fragrance pure, fragrant and your body

do not quickly fall asleep, my tale is pending, or maybe you get bored? hear the tale in his own head

rider light, lush prince of the eye, signaling love, with dust point star, twinkling reaching

in your eyes light swimming, sucking all the memory of silence, from back when, the room when the light

and I am the light, in thy dream, a fairytale night, you

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