Senin, 11 Juli 2011

In Late Night, Why do I remember the sadness Neruda Write a poem?

frightful hours, heart rate, change parts, at the top of the night, silence is the pause, tapto tap, makes you continue to wake up

why you do not write poetry just very sad, until I left the tears of the word, to perfectlyawful!

It was late night, was late and all the talk about? in dreams, in thy dream

in a dream, some browsing, the screen fluttered, apprise, hold in awe

good night, letters to hunt the heavens, so vague hazy space

but may not be said to earn yourself a wound, in the night sky. because of the quietnessso casually

hours at no more lament, his awful act in beats, kind of nervous? light overcast

Have you pray. and the frightful hours drops Wop say amen?

feel the silence of the night felt heavy in the eyelids, heavy with lots of memory

night, a thousand shadows shadow, night, habitation remembers the night, good night.and shadow and the shadow!

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